Why is it so important to choose the right wet lubricant for your wet wire drawing line?

The economical production of welding wire and other fine and ultra-fine wires requires a high level of process stability. Wet lubricants specially developed for this purpose provide reliable protection against breakage even at high production speeds, while also ensuring smooth, clean and bright end surfaces. As a result, the wire produced meets even the highest requirements, for example in the automotive, medical engineering and electronics industries.


Depending on the specific wet drawing process, various emulsions are used in single or multi-pass processes, which are mostly based on natural fats. They are used in the form of concentrates or diluted in water. In addition to their lubricating effect in wet drawing, liquid lubricants offer the advantages of enhanced cleaning action and protection against corrosion. 


In this way, the right wet lubricant can improve the stability of the drawing process.


Each drawing process in the industry is independent and has different requirements for the lubricant used. This is why KRS has developed and produced a wide range of lubricants for dry drawing, wet drawing and coating agent pre-treatment. For each of the customer's wet drawing processes, KRS has the right lubricant. 

As a result, the use of wet lubricants in wet drawing processes increases the reliability and cost-effectiveness of drawing production, with low lubricant consumption and long service life, as well as lower costs and greater sustainability due to power savings and reduced waste. At the same time, the right wet lubricant ensures that the wire surface has the highest possible quality and cleanliness, thus ensuring a high quality product and customer satisfaction.


Factors influencing the right choice of lubricant for wet drawing

Lubricants prevent wire breakage and ensure consistently high production speeds and consistent quality. In addition, they can even compensate for defects in the upstream production process. KRS customized wet lubricants can be used at low working concentrations and, due to their optimal durability, allow for a longer service life of the oil bath. This leads to reduced costs and increased cost-effectiveness. The high resistance of the emulsions to bacterial attack and the stable pH of KRS lubricants also contribute to a longer working life. Due to their low foaming properties, transfer by pumping, strong circulation and use in spray systems is not a problem. Due to their high temperature stability, no cooling system is required in the production system of wet drawing. 

Another advantage of KRS lubricants for wet drawing processes is their excellent cleaning effect. This means that no additional cleaning processes are required, even in the production of chromium plated or nickel wire, or when completely clean end surfaces need to be used. Wet lubricants also provide reliable protection against corrosion.